No Mitt, No Más

Sometimes it seems as if the GOP Establishment is sleepwalking off a cliff.  In 1996, having scored the stunning victories of the off-year congressional elections, the GOP suits dutifully lined up behind the impossible Bob Dole.  From the moment Americans realized their choices would be Clinton or Dole, "Bubba" was never behind one day in the polls. It's looking like déjà Dole all over again.  Mitt Romney is the proverbial GOP next-in-liner.  After the Tea Party helped Republicans score major victories in '10, the GOP Establishment is hunting desperately for a way to lose the very next election. Mitt Romney is a wonderful husband and father.  He is intelligent and articulate.  He rightly rejected religious bigotry, delivering a splendid speech on the topic at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library the last time around. But he is a terrible candidate.  At a time when Americans are hungering for a conviction politician, Mitt Romney is the picture...(Read Full Article)