Marching for Shackles and Chains

History is littered with popular uprisings which overthrow one dictatorship only to turn around and embrace another.  From the French Revolution near the turn of the 18th century to what many fear to be happening in the Arab world today, revolutionaries generally know whom they are against, but they fail to define what they are against. The "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrators are the latest in this line of misguided and eventually unsuccessful revolutionaries.  Ostensibly, the protestors rally against "greedy people," "Wall Street," or "the rich."  But those targets are imagined villains -- the illegitimate faces of an authentic threat. The true threat is concentration of power.  Because the Wall Street Occupiers, along with their union and celebrity backers, identify the source as personal instead of systemic, their solution is to give different people a similarly abusable authority. Since Occupy's protests are against the wealthy, it's important to note that...(Read Full Article)