There are many definitions of karma.  For my purposes today I'll define it as the natural consequences of one's acts -- you know, you reap what you sow.  In that respect it's been a terrible, horrible, awful no good karma week for the White House. 1. Vice President Biden In the first place, with the President off campaigning and Michelle busy offering fashion advice and doing campaign Mutt & Jeff appearances with Dr. Jill, the Vice President has been left home alone.  You might recall Joe Biden was selected to be Obama's  second because he was considered  by Obama's transition team -- which included Caroline Kennedy -- the best elder statesmen and experienced hand in the Democrats' stable. For some reason, one would have thought after Dan Quayle there'd be some law banning appearances by Vice Presidents in elementary school classrooms.  For the children.  But no.  Apparently this is still permitted despite passage of the Leave No Child...(Read Full Article)