If we can't nominate Rush Limbaugh

 It's too bad we can't nominate Rush Limbaugh. He's been the most consistent conservative with the broadest appeal. But can we at least listen to this great American? Here's what Rush told his huge audience recently:  "But Rubio, Rubio would win in a walkover.  He's conservative.  He's articulate.  He's great-looking.  He's Hispanic and sounds very smart.  How can he possibly lose?  If this were the Democrat Party, the party father would probably tell Obama to step aside and let Rubio run, if Rubio were a Democrat.  There are more Hispanic voters now than there are blacks, and Rubio's got more experience than Obama had when he decided to run.  I don't know how many times Rubio has voted "present" versus Obama. ... "Anyway, look, the reason why they're not pushing Rubio... I'm going to answer my own question. That's what I do. I ask myself the best questions I'm ever asked and, therefore, I give the best answers. They're not...(Read Full Article)