Hugo Chávez: Sick in Mind and Body

In a Havana cancer ward, as Hugo Chávez contemplates his final days, the truth about his medical condition -- mental and physical -- is coming out.   His face grotesquely bloated, Hugo Chávez has been fighting the biggest battle of his life.  But the prognosis for Venezuela's increasingly reclusive president has been a highly guarded state secret.  Besides distorting his features, the chemotherapy he's receiving has rendered him bald. Several unconfirmed reports -- all from anonymous sources -- have claimed in recent months that Chávez's cancer is very bad.  Yet during his increasingly irregular and brief public appearances, the leftist 57-year-old leader has remained upbeat -- defying the worst-case scenarios put forth about his health. Now, Chávez's former Venezuelan physician has dropped a bombshell: Chávez's cancer is terminal, and he has "no more than two years left." "President Chávez has a tumor in the pelvis called sarcoma," said Dr. Salvador...(Read Full Article)