Electability and the Republican Field

If all the poorly articulated political and economic philosophy and the multiple contradictory and confusing major issue stands of George Herbert Walker Bush, Bob Dole, and John McCain were tossed into a blender, and the device were turned on high for a minute, the result would be a smoothie whose taste would be indistinguishable from the murky concoction that's been served up by Mitt Romney for the last five years: saccharine, bland, and utterly forgettable five minutes after it's choked down. Is it so late in the 2012 nominating process that anyone can say with even quasi-certainty that this pasty, unidentifiable mush, served up by the Republican field's sole polished moderate manikin, is the only beverage Republicans can sell in 2012? The anxious GOP Establishment, which has detested every conservative would-be Republican presidential nominee -- Ronald Reagan not excluded -- since 1952, is desperately trying to sell this argument right now.  On September 28, David Frum, who...(Read Full Article)