Drones Matter!

Drones are news when one kills people; otherwise, out of sight seems to equal out of mind.  We may regret that; besides missiles, they're carrying political mischief and a transportation revolution. Drones are remotely controlled air, sea, and land vehicles of various sizes, kinds, and uses.  Hobbyists have used small ones for decades; almost anyone can use one.  People also hack them and steal them.  We're going to see a lot more drones; the latest lets a soldier in the field dive it onto a target, where it explodes.  We should be thinking about consequences before we're surprised by events.  A public dialogue might save a lot of trouble. President Bush generated left-wing criticism while allowing comparatively few drone attacks; President Obama, with several times Bush's number of strikes, has hardly raised a dimple on the surface of the news.  Because we've wrapped assassination in new technology, it's apparently now acceptable, at least to most...(Read Full Article)