Demystifying 9-9-9 and Other Fair Taxes

Our tax system is a source of mystery and headache for many, filled with confusing benefits and detriments, depending on whether the payer did what his political masters wanted him to do.  Even more disturbing is that most revenues have been hidden behind the sticker prices and omitted from our pay stubs.  Revenues were hidden by politicians for two reasons: to make it impossible for the payer to determine if he received value for his dollar, and so that funds could be easily misappropriated on things the payer never used or could ever use.  Herman Cain suggests that you visit his website and do your own math, but these hidden (indirect) revenues make it difficult or impossible for anyone short of a tax attorney or accountant to do the math (maybe impossible even for them as well). First, we might review what a "fair" revenue system is.  Between 85% and 90% of Americans believe that revenues should be collected in proportion to the government services used. ...(Read Full Article)