Deconstructing the Cain Nines

I like almost everything about Herman Cain.  He is as solid a free-market supporter as any of the candidates.  He is a staunch supporter of Israel.  He is a true believer in the Constitution and is 100% pro-life.  His instincts reflect those of the Tea Party.  But I cannot embrace his 9-9-9 plan.  It is too close to the fair tax, and too far from a flat tax.  But consider something like 18-0-0.  Read on. The best comment so far on the now-famous 9-9-9 plan was Michele Bachmann's "The devil is in the details."  Indeed, it is not easy to flesh out all the details.  I will stick my neck out and try to infer some important details from what has been published.  First, look at some OMB figures representing tax revenues from various sources in FY 2010. These were used in my recent article in AT. Table 1: FY 2010 Tax Revenue             Revenue...(Read Full Article)