Can I Get an Amen?

"Can I get an amen?" is a common Sunday-morning question asked to Baptist congregations, (black churches in particular).  After a strong or thoughtful point that brings believers to their feet, the reverend asks for an amen to get the crowd going.  At my hometown church, St. Mary's Baptist in Tyler, Texas, the congregation would thunder in unison, "AMEN," accompanied by dramatic organ chords -- rippling from high to low -- raising the cacophony higher. Lately I've found myself saying amen to Herman Cain.  With the latest poll showing Cain ahead of Romney 27% to 23%, it looks like the American people are starting to feel the same. Herman Cain is making great use of his ministering background.  Bringing those skills to politics, and blending them together like peanut butter and jelly, relieves Cain of the cumbersome need to pause to see if everyone else concurs.  In fact, one reason why America is starting to say amen is Cain's telling truth from his heart and...(Read Full Article)