Cain's Valuable 9-9-9 Plan

I like Cain's 9-9-9 scheme.  It is bold, tries to balance all methods of taxation, and contains many valuable ideas.  It's not just for true Conservatives and Independents; some of its features should appeal to Democrats, populists, and to the sensible fringe of environmentalists and "Occupy Wall Street"ers.  And it will put Cain in the White House.  This in spite of the New York Times doing everything possible to build up Mitt Romney and belittle or destroy his rivals for the Republican nomination. The Plan's valuable ideas will persist even if there are modifications, so when Cain gets into the White House, there will be many who will try to change some of the detailed features.  But the central ideas are sound and call for serious discussion.   My former colleague, economist Bruce Bartlett, writes a blog column for the New York Times.  Predictably, he has attacked the details of Cain's plan but lost sight of its basic strengths.  So...(Read Full Article)