Cain-Romney 2012?

The GOP has a problem: the political pros, aka the elite, aka the establishment, think Mitt Romney has the qualities to make a great candidate and a great president.  But the conservative base, aka the Tea Party, aka the grassroots, doesn't like Romney and yearns for another Reagan, a leader who understands the Big Truths ("we win; they lose") that often escape the pointy-headed experts, and someone able to connect with the public that, at its heart, is conservative when it comes to values and beliefs. If only there were some way to give both sides what they want!  This is why we hear the suggestion floated of offering Herman Cain the vice presidential nod, as a means of uniting the party. If only as a thought experiment, consider inverting the proposed ticket.  Put aside, for the moment, the many questions swirling about Cain: whether or not Cain has any staying power, whether he will wash out because he hasn't thought through enough issues and is unprepared, or...(Read Full Article)