Chicago politics, like the city itself, is built on gumption, deal-making, blood, sweat, and opportunity.  Nothing shows this better today than the new series Boss, which premiered on the STARZ cable network last Friday at 10PM Eastern, and debuts episode 2 tonight. Kelsey Grammer is utterly compelling as the ruthless Mayor Tom Kane, who must lead the wild kingdom of Chicago politics while confronting his own mortality.  To describe Boss as Shakespearean does not do it justice.  Avoiding mere imitation, creator Farhad Safinia portrays the real drama, tragedy, terror, and intrigue inherent in a political life as calculating and dangerous now as it was during Queen Elizabeth's reign.     Boss follows Grammer as Mayor Kane, who, in the premiere episode, is told he has a life-threatening degenerative disease that will destroy his neurological functions.  The depth of Grammer's acting invites only the viewer to see the tragic irony in his...(Read Full Article)