Borderpalooza Tour 2011

The chorus of people critical of President Obama's jobs record should know that his policies have managed to spur the entrepreneurial spirit of Gray Line Tours, situated near the bustling Arizona-Mexico border.  Gray Line Tours, in the absence of any facts about immigration coming from D.C., has taken it upon itself to offer Americans its own view of the realities of the border.  Who needs a jobs bill? For a mere 89 bucks, you can inspect the results of federal ineptitude firsthand!  Take the tour and speak with ranchers on the front lines, witness the Border Patrol in action, and even walk the desert like immigrants from Mexico!  It's like the back-lot movie tours of Universal Studios, only with real-life cowboys! The tragedy of it all is the political football that immigration has become, particularly amongst the elites in Washington.  September marked Hispanic Heritage Month, during which President Obama addressed immigration with a duality towards...(Read Full Article)