An Interview with Former Senator Rick Santorum

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is a Republican candidate for president.  He served as a member in the House of Representatives from 1991-1995 when he became a senator, serving from 1995 to 2007.  After losing his reelection bid, he joined the Ethics and Public Policy Center, a conservative think-tank.  He decided to run in the 2012 presidential race to give conservatives a voice and stated he "will not only stand up for our views, but can articulate a conservative vision of our country's future."  American Thinker was able to interview Mr. Santorum on a number of issues ranging from foreign policy to national health insurance to gay rights in the military.  What became evident from the outset was his forthrightness and honesty. American Thinker: As president, what would you do to bring down the unemployment rate? Santorum: We should pass a tax plan that reduces the burden on the folks who are creating jobs in this country.  I would cut the...(Read Full Article)