All Politics Is Resentment

We've all been having a grand old time in the last couple of weeks railing at President Obama and his new class warfare campaign.  We happily drag out his post-partisan speeches from 2008 and 2004 and beat him upside the head with his old TelePrompter scripts. When we get sick of that, we can snicker about his race war campaign: how he drops his gs when addressing his pals in the Congressional Black Caucus, and urges them to get their "marchin' shoes" on.  It was odd that the president did not order his followers to put on their marching boots.  Where I come from, soldiers wear boots, not shoes.  Perhaps things are different in community-organizer-land. There's a deadly serious aspect to all this.  We conservatives make fun of class and race politics because we want to neutralize it.  But Howell Raines, former New York Times editor, is aghast.  End class warfare?  Not on his watch!  President Obama should not listen to the "Republicans'...(Read Full Article)