A Serious Plan for Prosperity and Peace

This recent speech by Rick Perry on energy policy and this article by Stephen Moore in the Wall Street Journal discussing Harold Hamm's analysis of our nation's oil and gas potential ought to constitute a bigger story in the presidential campaign.  Hamm, who grew up in rural Oklahoma as the son of sharecroppers, has roots like Perry's, who grew up in rural Texas as the son of sharecroppers.  America rose to superpower status in large part through the genius and grit of its oilmen.  In the Second World War, our nation produced much more oil than all the rest of the world put together -- more than 80% of Allied oil production.  It is hard to imagine how we could have won that war, which required huge amounts of oil to sail our warships, fly our aircraft, fuel our tanks and trucks -- and to fill that need for our allies -- without our incredibly productive oil industry.  Domestic production of oil and gas declined because the cost of production in nations...(Read Full Article)