Two Visions, but Blindness Everywhere

A common lament these days is that Washington is so polarized that it cannot get anything done.  The Democratic Party -- dominated by its ultra-liberal wing since the nomination of George McGovern -- has an insatiable appetite for large government and increased federal spending, and an obsession with multiculturalism, gay rights, affirmative action, global warming, and "Wall Street greed."  Simultaneously, the Republican Party -- now heavily influenced by its TEA Party elements -- insists on lower taxes, reduced federal spending, deregulation, anti-abortion policies, and the repeal of Obamacare.  This extreme divergence of fundamental views explains why compromise is increasingly impossible, resulting in a paralytic government gridlock that prevents the nation from addressing its most pressing problems. While there are two very distinct visions for America competing for the allegiance of the American people, that dynamic has not been in play for most of the last...(Read Full Article)