Tiberius Redux

Warning: Contains frank discussion of disturbing sexual acts. See also: Predators With Ph.D.s A reincarnation of the Emperor Tiberius exists in the state of Delaware in the form of one Dr. Earl Bradley, a pediatrician from Lewes, Sussex County, who was recently convicted of sexually abusing his young patients, mostly toddlers. For those unfamiliar with the odious Tiberius' depravity, Suetonius' Lives of the Twelve Caesars remains a primary source of information and proof that the exclamation "Lord, what beastly fellows these Romans were!" is spot-on.  Suetonius, a hardened sophisticate who had seen it all, hesitated to describe the utter degradation of the ruler of the ancient world.  But sorry as the chronicler was to go into the hideous details of the emperor's perversions, he wrote about them nonetheless, saying of the vile ruler, who had retired to the island of Capri in order to enjoy his perversions in private:   He acquired a reputation for still grosser...(Read Full Article)