Thuggery in the Wisconsin Union Battle

At first, the multi-union sponsor of the annual Labor Day parade in Wausau, Wisconsin "disinvited" all Republican office-holders.  No kidding.  No marching for them.  No open convertibles.  No waving to the crowds.  No tossing wrapped candies to kiddies along the parade route. Then the Wausau-based union locals had a change of heart.  Undone by nasty publicity and a level-headed mayor threatening to yank their parade permit, union bosses grudgingly gave in, lifting their silly ban.  So on Monday, Labor Day, Congressman Sean Duffy (R-Wis.) of Wisconsin's Seventh District showed up, only to be taunted by jeering union activists turned out en masse for the parade.  Literally turning their backs on their duly-elected representative in the U.S. House, protesters screamed at the curbs, "Shame! Shame!" as a nonplussed Rep. Duffy passed by. Not that Wisconsin Republicans were all that keen to join Labor Day parades, suspecting catcalls and maybe flying...(Read Full Article)