They Don't Call It Capitalism for Nothing

What's the first thing a prospective candidate must consider before running for elective office?  If you answered "money," you've learned how the system works.  Known as the "mother's milk of politics," money can be the catapult that lifts someone over the crowd and into the mainstream of American opinion and influence.  In the upcoming 2012 election, cash will continue to be king, as the two major political parties spend obscene amounts to convince voters that they are the best and the brightest the country has to offer.  The question is, or should be, if they are such paragons of leadership and virtue, why does it take hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars to sell them to the electorate?  I'm afraid the answer is that most people are too lazy, uneducated, or just plain stupid to do their own research and make up their minds based on their findings and their personal belief system.  Recognizing the above, politicians who are ethically or morally...(Read Full Article)