The Separation of Blackness and State

Unquestionably, most Democrats have a gift for effective political speech.  Only liberal Democrats are capable of making their ruinous policies sound like genius ideas created by majestic celestial beings.  The Democrats' one-of-a-kind ability to attractively present their poisonous policies is outrageously underrated by Republicans, who have done very little to improve their own ability to package and present their clearly superior political product. As a consequence of gross Republican inarticulateness, the Democrats have triumphed in the battle of making membership in their party an integral part of black identity, so much so that blackness in America no longer has much to do with skin color, culture, or even the unique African-American experience of historical discrimination.  Being black in America today has turned into a political status that can be blithely bestowed on a person like Bill Clinton, despite his whiteness and racist ties, and can be nonchalantly...(Read Full Article)