The Self-Deception of the Left

How can the left possibly defeat a movement that they do not understand and, worse, that they purposely misunderstand?  Michael Moore lies every times he opens his mouth.  For him it is easier to lie than to breathe.  But with that said, he is doing America and conservatives in the Tea Party a great service because the only people who listen to his bile are the left, and the more they are deceived, the easier they will be to defeat.  Here is what I mean: as a military officer, I study tactics as a part of my professional development, and in my studies I learned that deception is a principle of war.  In other words, armies spend millions, even billions in deception because that gives them a tactical advantage.  This comes in every form imaginable, from pixelated camouflage uniforms so that soldiers can blend in with their environmen, to stealth aircraft, and from encrypted radio communications to spies spreading misinformation. Sun Tzu, the great Chinese...(Read Full Article)