The Real Perry/Aga Khan Curriculum Is Bad For Children

Last weekend the Thinker ran an article by Amil Imani and a blog by Andrew Bostom, both of which gave a stamp of approval to Rick Perry's public-school Islamic school curriculum. The only problem was that both Imani and Bostom were presenting a false argument.  Neither Imani nor Bostom was actually evaluating the curriculum at all; rather, they were praising one individual teacher's lesson plan, not the actual curriculum.  Thus Imani and Bostom were basing their entire argument about the curriculum upon an incorrect assumption.  Stupefying. The actual curriculum has been scrubbed entirely from the web after I first exposed it a couple of weeks back; not only has it been taken down, but the Google cache has been scrubbed as well.  Clearly the Perry camp are embarrassed by the curriculum, or they wouldn't have resorted to this drastic measure to cover it up.  They know what the real curriculum is, and they reveal that knowledge by this action. Here are some...(Read Full Article)