The Palestinian Refugee Issue: Origins and Solution

Whether or not a Palestinian state is unilaterally declared in the future, crucial differences between Israel and any Palestinian authority remain.  The most controversial of these is the refugee question, which has political and legal as well as humanitarian dimensions, not to mention touches on collective guilt feelings.  The controversy over Palestinian refugees is the longest, most deliberately protracted, and most discussed of refugee problems in the world.  After sixty years, it remains unresolved. World War II ended with some 40 million refugees in Europe.  Central Europe was a site of "displaced persons" (DPs) -- those forced to flee their homeland, prisoners of war, individuals who had been deported or had been in forced labor camps, and Jews who had survived the Holocaust.  In 1947, about nine hundred camps of DPs were administered by the Allied occupation forces, by the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation (UNRRA), and then by the...(Read Full Article)