Talking with Dick Cheney

Vice-President Cheney's book, In My Time, is an insightful autobiography.  It chronicles his perspective on events in which he played a significant role over the last forty years.  It is not written like a textbook; in fact the prologue reads like a Vince Flynn political thriller novel.  American Thinker interviewed Mr. Cheney about his book and policies. The first third of the book is devoted to his upbringing, his failure at Yale, his DUI arrests, and his early years in government.  These chapters show how his political attitude and character were shaped by experiences such as his job as an electric ground worker, that "cultivated competence and taking pride in your performance," to being inspired by President Kennedy who visited the University of Wyoming in Laramie and told the crowd that satisfaction can come from working for the public good which helps build a better nation and world. It was interesting to read how he was influenced by the different positions...(Read Full Article)