Solving the Democrats' Obama Problem

The worst-kept secret in Washington, D.C. is that Democrats are desperate to find a way to ease Barack Obama out of running for reelection, so Hillary Clinton can receive the nomination so carelessly denied her in 2008.  But how do you convince a failed narcissist to get out of the way so the grown-ups can take back the party?  And how do you keep the most loyal and important voting bloc, blacks, within the tent, while shoving aside the first black president? On Friday, September 16, Rush Limbaugh said that if the Democratic establishment want to get rid of Obama, they must appeal to his ego and convince him to go on his own.  Rush has read Obama's ego perfectly, and here is roughly how it could be handled. Hillary Clinton, loyal Democrat that she is, has remained totally silent in public over her boss's floundering.  But behind the scenes, she is or soon will be scrambling from one nation's capital to another, whispering in the ears of world leaders.  Late in...(Read Full Article)