Red Light Cameras, Highway Robbery

You're driving on your way home from work and mulling over some of the day's events in your mind as you approach the green light at an intersection.  About 50 feet away, the light turns to yellow, and you know you have plenty of time to get by it before it becomes red.  Halfway through the thoroughfare, just as the light passes over the top of your windshield, the crimson beam makes its appearance.  You've easily reached the other side of the street before the opposing traffic gets the green go-ahead signal.  You continue along, confident that you cleared the byway lawfully.  About a week later, you find a traffic summons in your mailbox ordering you to pay $150 fine for passing a red light.  According to the edict, you were caught by a camera that has your picture and plate number branding you as a red light-runner.  Stunned, you stare at the legal notice and try to remember when this so-called violation occurred.  That may not be easy because...(Read Full Article)