Propaganda is War by Other Means

There are those who embrace conspiracy theories of a government plan behind major attacks like 9-11 and Pearl Harbor, to lead us into war. As outlandish such theories appear to some, many embrace them because they believe that the government always manipulates public opinion to accept intended actions which the people would otherwise reject. When a government intends a war of aggression, it must first inculcate hatred of the indented victim. This is done through propaganda which follows the following principles; 1) Select a target to be hated. Personalize it. Focus attention on it. 2) Keep messages on target. Avoid conflicting messages. 3) Attach labels and employ narratives causing the object of the hatred to be ridiculed, scorned and feared. 4) Have appropriate messengers deliver the messages. Thus a liberal delivers the message to a liberal and a Republican to Republicans and so on. 5) Keep hidden the communications of messages and the compensation between propaganda directors,...(Read Full Article)