Pope Albert Issues a Bull

President Lincoln famously told some overeager Evangelical pastors that he could not issue an Emancipation Proclamation in 1861.  It would be premature and it would very possibly set back the cause of Union and Liberty.  "It would be like the Pope's Bull against the comet," Lincoln said.  No anti-Catholic, Lincoln was simply stating a matter of fact.  When a medieval pope had tried to condemn a comet, it had had no effect. I was reminded on Lincoln's comment about an ineffectual pope's bull when I read the latest bull from Pope Albert Gore.  He has proclaimed that anyone who does not say amen to all his globaloney is practicing the new "racism."  Racism in the Church of Gore is the worst of all sins, you see.  And Pope Albert is empowered to brand you with a scarlet "R" if you show any signs of doubt about his global warming Gospel. I am not a "climate sceptic," the kind of folk Gore so roundly condemns.  That's only because, Yankee-est of...(Read Full Article)