Obama Wants Fairness More than Jobs

Surely Obama has noticed that his stimulus policies have not created jobs.  The assumption by his economic advisors that spending a trillion dollars automatically creates 2.5 million jobs has not worked out for him -- or us.  Unemployment and poverty are at record levels and the federal government is insolvent.  Thanks to Obama's belief in stimulus spending, our debt will be 100% of our GDP by 2014 -- Greek territory.  Conservatives debate why Obama doesn't do a Clinton, move to the middle, become more effective, and give himself a shot at a second term.  Instead, stimulus II, which calls for another half a trillion in government largess, seems to be doubling down on failure.  Why doesn't Obama learn from his mistakes?  Is his problem incompetence or ideology? conservatives wonder.  Others suggest that it is pure politics, with Obama's focus groups telling him that voters respond to his tax the rich rhetoric, and will blame Republicans for our...(Read Full Article)