Obama Leaves the Bases Loaded. Dems Lose.

In what appeared to be a no-lose situation, the Dems sent an amateur to the plate.  Now, with serious damage done to the Democratic Party, they're scratching their heads wondering what happened. Bottom of the ninth.  Republicans are ahead by a run.  Dems have the bases loaded with two outs.  Boehner's on the mound.  Things don't look good for the GOP.  Whom will the Dems send up to hit?  There's a roar (and a groan) from the crowd as the pinch-hitter steps out of the dugout.  It's Obama! Of course, the roar is from the R's and the groan is from the D's, because everyone knows that a couple of curve balls from Boehner and Obama is toast.  Strike three, game over. Actually, one curve ball from anybody and Obama is toast.  What we R's are trying to figure out is how he even made the team. Okay, we understand that politics and baseball are different.  In baseball you don't get to the major leagues without some serious hard work and a...(Read Full Article)