Obama Is Dangerous for Peace

The president of the United States has just destroyed the longest-lasting peace treaty in the Middle East.  That Nobel Prize-winning treaty between Egypt and Israel was destroyed by Obama in broad daylight, right in front of God and everybody, with stunning audacity. The White House kept repeating the message that Mubarak must resign, and "now means now."  This is simply unprecedented, even during the height of the Cold War.  American presidents don't demand in public that their crucial allies resign. It is a diplomatic insult of unprecedented proportions. And yet -- Obama said nothing when Iran's genocide-threatening regime killed and tortured thousands of demonstrators at the start of Obama's administration.  He has said nothing about Syria's Assad sending tanks to fire on rebels in the city of Homs.  He said nothing when the Saudis sent troops into Bahrain to violently suppress protests.  Indeed, the White House has actively aided repression by regimes...(Read Full Article)