Obama Green Jobs Con Job and the Ill Wind That Blows from Spain

Barack Obama will give yet another major "jobs" speech this week. Ho-hum. For all the ballyhoo, he has been giving these for years.  Most of America will tune out and instead look forward to his speech being over so they can celebrate something consequential: the start of NFL Football. Obama has become tiresome.  He is over-exposed.  He has overstayed his welcome.  We can hear the clichés that will be laced through his speech even before he speaks -- the opposite of an echo.  The promises will be there -- what else can he sell?  Certainly not his record on the economy. He has always been a snake oil salesman; such people always tempt the needy with promises of great things to come.  So we will once more hear him tout his policies as creating legions of new "green jobs" while making America the world leader in green energy. We have heard it before. He must either think we are stuck on stupid or he is the one stuck on stupid.  This policy has...(Read Full Article)