New-Wave Conservatives and the Lesson of Churchill

The political backlash engendered by the election and actions of President Obama and the Democratic congressional majorities has encouraged a new wave of conservatives to run for political office.  Effective leaders need to be convincing on and off teleprompter, in debate, and when answering random questions at press conferences or on the road, and must also be able to reach out to skeptics who honestly feel that big government is the best way to solve problems. It's no coincidence that Winston Churchill, perhaps the greatest statesman in living memory, was remarkably well-versed in history and classic literature, earning a Nobel Prize for his writing, much of it on history and the philosophy of government.  His profound grasp of human knowledge and behavior, something transcending both time and culture, allowed him to distill and express the essence of complex issues in a way that made them both approachable to ordinary people and effective politically. His quip that "[t]he...(Read Full Article)