Missile Defense Systems: Why and How

Currently, America's enemies, including China, North Korea, and Iran, are developing ballistic missiles of increasing range and accuracy and deploying them in growing quantities.  Some worry that Iran's leaders are not rational and may not be deterrable with nuclear weapons, and that consequently, they will use nuclear weapons first.  Some people are worried that nuclear weapons may fall into the hands of similarly intractable terrorists. What is the solution?  Is it disarmament?  A first strike against Iran?  No. The solution is missile defense. Certainly, all possible options (including multilateral negotiations, direct talks, sanctions, cyber-sabotage, economic sabotage, and, as a last resort, a naval blockade) should be explored and tried if feasible.  However, a first strike against Iran would be disastrous for Israel, for the U.S., and for the entire West.  It would unite the Iranian people around a regime they currently despise; further...(Read Full Article)