Look to Henry Ford, not Barack Obama, to End Unemployment

Money for President Obama's new jobs bill will have to come from somewhere else, whether in the form of higher taxes or higher debt.  Productive jobs pay taxes, but taxes do not create productive jobs.  As for taking on more debt, the private sector would already be borrowing money at today's very low interest rates to create jobs that fill a genuine economic need.  Social Security is already struggling to remain solvent, so a payroll tax cut that is not balanced by increased taxes elsewhere is simply not realistic.  The summer jobs for disadvantaged youth would create themselves if there were a demand for whatever goods or services they might produce.  Green and renewable energy jobs would create themselves if they could meet a genuine need instead of a self-serving ideology.  Most people understand this, so it comes as no surprise that the Dow Jones Industrial Average reacted to Mr. Obama's speech with a nosedive of more than 300 points the next day. As...(Read Full Article)