Herman Cain Swims with the Sharks

(Full disclosure: The author has done some writing for Mr. Cain and is currently working with him on his next book.) With apologies to headline writers, the shock of Herman Cain routing the field in the Florida Straw poll and scoring first in the latest Zogby poll simply eludes me.  If this result -- which is no doubt tied to the mixed performances during the last debate -- moves him into or near the top tier, I will not be shocked about that, either.  All of this is actually somewhat predictable if you are familiar with Herman Cain and how he might just be a man perfectly positioned for this specific election season.  When you combine that possibility with one of the main principles of Harvey McKay's leadership book How to Swim With the Sharks..., you can see that this is an almost natural outcome.  (More later on that.) As I wrote in May -- on the possibility that Cain might disappear after the initial debate and his impressive roll-out announcement -- this is...(Read Full Article)