Governor Perry's Islam Connection

The news of Governor Rick Perry jumping into the Republican nomination race for president released a media tsunami that assaulted my brain.  In no time at all, people came up with a long list of negatives about him.  In a democracy, honest and thorough scrutiny of anyone's records seeking a public office is not only the prerogative of the electorate, but its duty. Being a lifelong critic of Islam, red flags popped up in my head at Perry's purported cozy relationship with Islam and prompted me to look very closely at the governor's record on this particular issue and at this specific time. All kinds of worrisome thoughts flashed through my head.  For one, I recalled another Republican Texas governor who became president and grew hoarse by so often shouting the mantra "Islam is a religion of peace."  Is this another Texas Republican governor somehow beholden to oil interests and the oil sheiks of Saudi Arabia?  Is he really another for-purchase politician...(Read Full Article)