Fortunately, Dr. Salk's Attempt to Eradicate the Scourge of Polio Has Failed

The other day, the Drudge Report linked to an article about an experiment completed by CERN that provides credence to Danish physicist Henrik Svensmark's theory that global warming is caused by the cosmic rays of the sun and not by man. The website Skeptical Science rebutted with an article of its own. What I found revealing in Skeptical Science's response was not its attempt to dispel the conclusions of CERN's experiment, but the language it used to do so. I refer specifically to the line that followed the four requirements the author claims CERN's report must meet in order to have validity: Fortunately we have empirical observations against which we can test these requirements. "Fortunately"? Shouldn't that read "unfortunately"? After all, if man-made catastrophic global warming is the reality it is claimed to be, untold mayhem, suffering, and death will result. The polar ice caps will melt, oceans will rise, polar bears will become extinct, millions will be deprived of food,...(Read Full Article)