Father Absence and the Riots

There has been a good deal of media commentary recently on the riots in London and "flash mob" activity in Philadelphia and elsewhere in the U.S.  Although some of the commentary has been sympathetic to the teens involved in the mayhem and has speculated on the grievances that might have caused these "protests," most of it has been very critical. Many of the commentators have noted that the teens involved in the rioting were largely from single-parent homes.  Given the recent dramatic increases in the number of single-parent families in U.S. society, a serious problem may be developing here as well.  The cause of this developing problem has been assumed to be the lower economic status of single-parent families and the likelihood that the mothers raising these children are "overwhelmed." But decades of research on single-parent families in the U.S., almost all of them headed by women, have made it pretty clear that the problems of the children raised in these...(Read Full Article)