Egyptian Politician: U.S. Is Impotent against Iran

A high-up official of Egypt's Al Wafd political party is taunting the United States over Iran's nuclear ambitions, saying in effect that Washington is a paper tiger. "Though the United States acts as the guard dog of the Zionist regime, they still haven't been capable enough to deal with Iran and its nuclear program," said Ahmad Ezz Al-Arab, the deputy director of Egypt's nationalist liberal Al Wafd Party.  His political column was published this week in Tehran's Keyhan newspaper, the mouthpiece of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Al-Arab said the eruption of the "Arab spring" revolutions have reduced U.S.-Israeli influence in the region.  "As such, the continued U.S.-Israeli banging on the drums of war against Iran is nothing more than empty threats; not only does it not strike fear in anyone's heart, no one really believes it anymore." Citing a July 19th analysis in Stratfor Global Intelligence, Al-Arab said the United States and its "collaborator," Saudi Arabia, are...(Read Full Article)