Despotism Breeds Federal Paranoia

Any environment where secrecy and social and political control are the operating parameters can breed paranoia.  Mere intellectual curiosity can be seen dangerous and treasonous.  It does not have to be the extreme behavior of the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia or the angry jealousy of Soviet Russia. During the summer of 2009, we saw this with the White House healthcare "snitch site" ( where citizens were encouraged to turn in information -- or people -- who were reporting "lies" about ObamaCare. Eventually -- largely due to public outcry and immense amount of deliberately false and frankly riotous commentary rammed into the site -- it was pulled down.  To date there is not a general feeling of comfort about what the government has done with the data that was presented to them. Not learning from their earlier mistake, recently Team Obama launched  If you follow the link, you will notice the address is "" ...(Read Full Article)