Conservatives vs. the Keynesian Purists

With a stagnant economy and bad economic news surfacing almost daily, liberals continue to cling to the strategy of ignoring substance in favor of demonizing conservatives with labels like "extremists," "radicals," and "free-market purists."  But consider the following: over the past century, the U.S. government has grown ever closer to the Hobbesian vision of the Leviathan state.  Through incremental expansion, the size and scope of government has exploded.  Since 1920, total government spending has grown as a share of our economic output from 11 percent to 43.9 percent in 2010. When conservatives oppose expansion of government, they aren't behaving as rigid doctrinaires; they simply want to return to the constitutionally limited government our Founders created. And to achieve this objective, it is essential to oppose the further growth of government and work to eliminate government's superfluous parts.  However, there has been a growing trend to label...(Read Full Article)