And They Still Haven't Tried KSM

It has been 10 years since one of the most horrific and demonic events in history.  We know who did it -- Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, also known as KSM.  We have had him in custody since March of 2003.  He confessed in March of 2007.  And we still do not have a trial date. I got to thinking about how much things have changed since then, and how in other respects the world had just gone on, impervious to the events of that day.  As anyone who has done any air travel knows, flying is a hassle of the first order: baggage inspection, no more than three ounces of liquid in your carry-on, full body scans, and waiting in line.  It used to be we could arrive at the airport 20 minutes before the flight took off and run through the airport like OJ jumping over suitcases.  Run and jump over anything in the airport now, and you might get shot.  And remember when it used to be fun to take someone to the airport or pick him or her up?  Waving hello or...(Read Full Article)