Amateur Hour at the White House

The president's 2012 ship is sinking fast.  Over the past several months, things have not been looking very good for President Obama's reelection chances.  The president's poll numbers have been the worst of his presidency.  The Gallup daily tracking poll has shown the president sink as low as 38% approval with disapproval numbers in the mid- to low 50s.  Polling done by Scott Rasmussen shows that only about 42-43% approve of the president's job performance, and a Zogby poll recently showed Obama with a 40% approval rating.  Low numbers in the polls do not mean that a reelection campaign is completely doomed.  Obama's team will point to the fact that Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton were both at one point in the 30s in Gallup and still won their reelection races.  They will also mention how President George H.W. Bush's numbers skyrocketed after Operation Desert Storm, and yet he lost his reelection battle in 1992.  It requires an amazing amount of...(Read Full Article)