A Conflict With No Solution?

The solution to the bubbling caldron in the Middle East is simple, we are told.  If only Israel, A.K.A the Jews, would "give back" the territories conquered in the June 1967 war all would be forgiven.  Sounds simple enough, but that is not the answer the Palestinians, any Arab nation or their allies are looking for.  Time and time again the statements, "Drive Israel into the sea" or "Kill (all) the Jews" has been stated as the goal of the Arab nations and their allies.  Looking around this war-torn world, do you hear of any other nation stating similar pronouncements against their adversaries?  During World War Two was the objective of the United States to win the war against Japan or kill all Japanese people?  Is our goal in Afghanistan to be victorious against our terrorist enemies or murder all the Afghani people?    Why does the world accept as fact that only death to the Jews will bring about peace in the Middle East?  Granted,...(Read Full Article)