Wreaking Havoc in London, Dancing in Tripoli

As the summer of 2011 draws to a close, an uninterrupted chain of violent events buffets the public's mind.  Havoc in Great Britain pushed aside mayhem in Norway.  The murder of eight Israelis in a cross-border attack from Egypt was briefly noted -- then all eyes turned to Tripoli.   Southern Israel is under attack from Gaza; Syrian protestors are detained, tortured, murdered in the streets.  Gentlemen in suits and ties mouth bizarre promises about the bright future of Libya while TV cameras show us a disorganized armed mob.  Mass media are not really covering these events journalistically; they are staging a partisan show framed by fallacious analysis: the liberation of Libya is a high point of the Arab springtime, while Breivik was inspired by Islamophobic extreme-right Christian and Zionist white supremacists.  The havoc in Great Britain is inexplicable.  Rockets falling on Israel are nothing to get excited about. When we piece together...(Read Full Article)