Will it be Rubio, by Acclamation?

For vice president?  It's beginning to seem that way.  Romney's senior people are touting the Florida senator for the second slot.  So are innumerable journalists.  Rubio was asked this week at his speech at the Reagan Library if he would consent to run as the Number Two in 2012.  He said he was flattered, but said no.  He puckishly joked that he wouldn't want to be an understudy to anyone who planned to live out eight years. It's worth watching Sen. Marco Rubio's speech at the Reagan Library.  He caught a faltering Nancy Reagan as the frail former First Lady tripped and nearly fell.  Lady Liberty, too, needs steadying. So why not Marco Rubio for vice president?  Republicans and pundits seem to agree that he's a superlative communicator.  But he's so young.  And he's been in the Senate less than a year. The attempt to nominate Rubio for vice president is fraught with problems.  The hope, clearly, is that Rubio on the ticket...(Read Full Article)