Why the Left Elites Are Criticizing Obama

I usually find that Eleanor Clift's columns are either predictably boring or infuriatingly ignorant.  Her latest Why No Democrat Will Challenge Obama was actually fairly interesting, although perhaps not in a way the writer intended.  First came the admission that although Obama is in deep political trouble he isn't likely to be challenged.  Anyone contemplating a run against Obama must consider the consequences of not only defeating the president, but the likely repercussions to his or her own career. "If he were white, he would have a progressive challenger," says Bill Schneider of the Democratic group Third Way. Because Obama is this historic figure, challenging him would hamper the prospects of anyone who wants a future in elective Democratic politics. "Blacks would be deeply offended by a challenge, and that's no way to score points in the Democratic Party," says Schneider. African-Americans are the Democrats' most loyal constituency, and while they too are...(Read Full Article)